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Built in or Countertop

As you remodel your kitchen, you have choices to make, from the tile on the backsplash and floor to the cabinets and most important of all, the appliances. The backsplash, floor and color cabinets can be changed fairly easy and inexpensively, but when choosing the appliances, you know you’ll have them for a few years. … Read more

Kenmore a Trusted Name In Kitchen Appliances

In 1927, Sears introduced a line of kitchen appliances made by Kenmore Appliances with the first item being a washing machine. In 1932, vacuum cleaners followed and while the company has gone through many changes over the years, they have always been consistent with quality products at affordable prices. Today, Kenmore products are made by … Read more

What’s the Best Refrigerator for you?

This is part one of a two-part series on choosing the right refrigerator. There are many brands of refrigerators onthe market today. From well-known brands like Amana and Maytag to Sears and the lesser known, but growing in popularity, such as LG. Which one is best is really a personal decision, which usually will be dependent on … Read more