Kenmore a Trusted Name In Kitchen Appliances


In 1927, Sears introduced a line of kitchen appliances made by Kenmore Appliances with the first item being a washing machine. In 1932, vacuum cleaners followed and while the company has gone through many changes over the years, they have always been consistent with quality products at affordable prices.

Today, Kenmore products are made by several other companies such as Bosh, GE, Electrolux, Whirlpool and others, but they are still expected to uphold the Kenmore name in quality. A1 Appliance Service offers the following abbreviated time line of Kenmore appliances:

• 1913 – The Kenmore sewing machine is introduced and the 1920s brought us the washing machine with the Gyrator wringer washer being introduced in 1929 at a price of $79.50! Then, a dream comes true for American homemakers with the vacuum cleaner that has a revolving brush.

• World War II comes to an end and Kenmore reintroduces their brand of ranges for those home cooked meals that were so missed overseas. Late in the 40s, the automatic first electric clothes dryer was introduced by Kenmore and they came in colors! From Aquamarine and Malibu Coral to Sunshine Yellow, drab and dull were going to be a part of the past soon.

• After cooking all those wonderful meals, what better way to clean up than with the new introduced dishwasher by Kenmore in 1951? In 1957, Kenmore celebrated selling their 10 millionth appliance with the “TurboMatic.” This washer-dryer combo and Donna Reed showing us how happy a homemaker could be with all her Kenmore appliances would shake up the laundry market.

• Washing machines would advance again in 1969 with a pre-soak cycle that went into wash cycle automatically. We knew it was a great thing to have in our home when President Truman and his wife purchased one! The 70s started off with a microwave oven from Kenmore and the basic oven with continuous cleaning. Housework was getting easier all the time!

• Solid state controls were introduced on Kenmore dishwashers and solid state oven timers were introduced on their ranges. The still favored sleek black appliances were introduced by Kenmore in 1985 and the washing machine they introduced in the 40s was inducted into the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum for its “Milestones: 50 Years of Goods and Services” exhibit.

• Kenmore would kick the 90s off with black-on-black and white-on-white appliances and a Euro-Design. In 2001, the High Efficiency washing machine was debuted as the Kenmore Elite HE3t and in 2010, they introduced the quietest dishwasher with a low 43 dBA sound level. Perfect for families-on-the-go, 2012 Kenmore gives us the refrigerator with the Grab-N-GoTM door, a first in the industry.

In 2013, the company celebrated 100 years and today, Kenmore is a brand that is still truly life-tested and going strong. A1 Appliance Service is proud to be a factory trained and certified service center for Kenmore products.