• Do you have an older home that didn’t come with a dishwasher? Did your dishwasher go out and you’re looking at replacing it? Before you begin shopping, here is a description of some different styles of dishwashers so that you can get the best dishwasher for your household:

    ● Full Size

    A full size dishwasher is almost the size of a full size washing machine and just what a busy family with kids need. A large size dishwasher should hold up to 20 place settings of dishes.

    ● Slim Size

    For the kitchen that doesn’t have much space, these are perfect units.

    ● Dishwashers with Drawers

    These would be on the higher end of pricing. They offer various drawers so that you can place your hard to clean items in the area that gets more power and place your more delicate items to the drawers that protect as much as they clean. If you don’t have a lot of ‘special’ dishes that you wash every day, this style is probably overkill for most homes.

    ● Integrated

    Integrated dishwashers are both semi- and full-integrated, meaning they can be customized to match your kitchen decor, such the front of it looking just like the rest of your kitchen cabinets. One of the features to consider is if you want your dishwasher built-in the cabinets, either integrated or not. The ones that are not integrated usually slide into the space designated for a dishwasher and is found under the counter.

    Before you go buy a dishwasher, measure the space where you are installing it to make sure you have ample room. There are many options available for dishwashers today such as delayed start and timed start. All come with energy rating which reference both the electricity and water usage. The more expensive the dishwasher, the quieter it will be when running.

    Always ask about the warranty and if the store offers extended warranty. Make sure the warranty is where a service call is made to your home, not where you have to take it in to a shop. That works fine for smaller items like weed-eaters, but a dishwasher is heavier and bulkier.