Built in or Countertop


As you remodel your kitchen, you have choices to make, from the tile on the backsplash and floor to the cabinets and most important of all, the appliances. The backsplash, floor and color cabinets can be changed fairly easy and inexpensively, but when choosing the appliances, you know you’ll have them for a few years. You’ll want to make sure you choose ones that you’ll be pleased with and get good use from them.

Let’s talk about microwaves. There are many great brands and models out there but the confusing part can be deciding to go with a built-in or a counter-top model. A1 Appliance Service offers you the following bits of information that will help you decide which is best for you and your kitchen:

Counter Space

How much counter space do you anticipate having in your new kitchen? Do you need your cup of java every morning with a piece of toast? If so, you know you’ll need space for a coffee maker and toaster. Keep in mind space for food prepping as well as washing dishes and just your daily activities.

If you are going to have ample counter space, then the counter-top microwave is a great choice. They are a bit larger than built-in for the most part, although that is changing all the time.


If your counter space is going to be a premium or you want a sleek look in the kitchen, a built-in microwave oven is the better choice. If built-ins are what you are leaning towards, keep a few safety issues in mind:

• The cabinet should be built with weight of microwave in mind – strong and sturdy

• There is plenty of air flow around the microwave including back, bottom and top

• The shelf it sits on is strong and sturdy

One More Option

A third option for you to consider is having your microwave sit on a microwave cart or stand. There are two great features to this option:

1). You gain additional storage with the card

2). It won’t be taking up cabinet or counter space

With the wide range of brands, sizes and types to choose, you are bound to find the microwave oven that is perfect for you, your family, and your kitchen.