Be Kind To Your Garbage Disposal


Most kitchens today have a garbage disposal, which is a wonderful appliance. However, it can be finicky if not taken care of properly or if abused and misused. Here we offer you a few tips of things you should do and things you shouldn’t do to get the most out of your garbage disposal:

Things You Should Do

• Keep your garage disposal clean by pouring some soap, liquid dish soap is perfect, and let the disposal run for a one to two minutes.

• For a home that is full and has constant cleaning and cooking, this tip really doesn’t apply, but for the home where you rarely use the garbage disposal, make a point to let it run on a regular basis. If you do use your unit frequently, see step one above and clean at least once a week to eliminate corrosion and rust.

• Always use running water while grinding food waste to solidify any grease or oils that get into the disposal. This will allow them to be ground up before getting into the trap.

• Grinding fish bones and small chicken bones will actually help keep the walls of your garbage disposal clean.

• For smelly garbage disposals, grind up lemon or orange peels.

• Cut large items into smaller pieces and grind them one at a time so that you don’t over stuff the unit.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Remember that the garbage disposal is for food scraps only. Do not put non-food items in the unit as it can cause damage to the blades or burn out the motor. If you have any doubt, throw it in the trash not the disposal.

• Never grind materials such as glass, metal, paper or plastic

• Never grind anything combustible

• Never grind cigar or cigarette butts

• Never intentionally pour fat, grease or oil in the unit. These will cause the unit to clog up.

• Avoid grinding things such as artichokes, celery stalks, corn husks and onion skins. These foods have fibers that will tangle up in the unit causing the motor to jam and block the drain.

• Leave the cold water running while the disposal is turned on. Once you have stopped the disposal and the motor stops, let the water run 15 to 20 seconds to make sure all is flushed out.

• Avoid grinding potato peels. The starch in potatoes creates a paste when wet and will stick to the blades.