Appliance Problems – Repair or Replace


At some point, you will have a home appliance break. It’s inevitable. The question that comes to mind first is “What will it cost to fix?” and then “Is it worth the expense of repairs or should I replace it?” For most of us, going out and buying a brand new washing machine or refrigerator is not financially feasible, so we take the plunge and call an appliance repair company.

Before you do that though, there are always some self-checks you should do first, because most appliance repair companies will have a service call charge, even if they don’t do anything. So always check the plugs, water connections and even your electrical breaker box to make sure it hasn’t thrown a fuse.


Once you decide you need an appliance service professional there are things you should know and look for:

• Are they factory authorized?

• Are they bonded and insured?

• How long have they been in business?

• How much is a service call?

• How quick can they get to you?

• What is the average turn-a-round time if they have to order parts?

• What is their policy on calling if they are running late for your appointment?

• What is their guarantee and warranty policy?


Remember, the lowest price isn’t always the best. You want friendly, professional and prompt service as well as reasonable cost. You should also check with family and friends for appliance service companies they have used in the past and then do your own research on the internet. Check for BBB reports and ask the company if they have references. Even if you or somebody you know can fix the appliance, calling an appliance repair center for the part needed may be cheaper than going to the manufacturer.